Topics Covered in the 1999-2000 School Year

29 April 2000

"Results and Plans for TEXES"
A second-year graduate school project by Tommy Greathouse

Q & A: Expanding Universe

Collimating Telescopes


4 March 2000

Review of TEXES Observing Run at McDonald Observatory

Use of Hubble Space Telescope activities (e.g., Deep Field) in the classroom


12 February 2000
Field Trip to Waco


20 November 1999
Review of EXES progress

EXES and TEKS (PDF file) by MJ Tykoski

Q&A: String theory

Q&A: Stellar evolution


16 October 1999
Review of EXES progress

Variable Stars and the Distance Ladder

Observing Proposals - the challenge of getting time on large telescopes

Active Physics

Hands-On Astrophysics


18 September 1999
Overview of SOFIA: NASA Origins Mission

Review of EXES progress

Dewer design and support

Celestial spheres and solar motion demonstrators

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