Topics from meetings during the 2013-2014 School Year

5 April 2014

Update on SOFIA status - Keely Finkelstein

Presentation by Natascha Cox on the Johnson Space Center Regional Space Settlement Design Competition

Activities / Lessons from NASA presented by Natascha Cox:
NASA Eye's on Exoplanets
NASA's Educator Online Network (NEON)

Demo on centripetal force led by Jody Harkrider

Talk by Dr. Rachael Livermore - "Galaxies Under the Cosmic Microscope"

Talk by Dr. Steve Finkelstein - "High Redshift Galaxies"

22 March 2014

Talk by Mary Kay Hemenway on "Astronomy Curriculum for Young Children"

Activity on Stellar Evolution and Fusion presented by Jeff Silverman

"Why are Sunsets Red" [pdf] Activity led by Keely Finkelstein

Presentation by Sherre Boothman on "Summer 2013 EXES Observing Trip"

8 February 2014

Talks by Gamze Bocek Topcu & Melike Afsar of Ege University, Turkey on Red Giants & Red Clump Stars

Talk by Chris Sneden on Spectroscopy and Modeling

Exoplanet Activities / Observing with the Micro Observatory led by Keely Finkelstein

Selected Activities from Cosmic Questions Educator Guide [pdf] led by Keely Finkelstein

7 December 2013

Cancelled due to weather

23 November 2013

Presentation by Dr. Jeff Silverman on Supernovae and Dark Energy [pdf]

Talk by Chris Sneden on his time in Turkey at Ege University

5 October 2013

Presentation by Jimmy Newland on the EXES Summer 2013 McDonald Obsv. workshop

Solar System formation card sorting activity by Keely Finkelstein

Research talk by Dr. Emily McLinden on "Lyman-Alpha Galaxies and HETDEX"

Last revised 21 May 2014