Topics from meetings during the 2010-2011 School Year

16 April 2011

HCN emission from Protoplanetary disks by Sam Harrold

SOFIA update by Eddie Zavala (SOFIA deputy program manager)

Stellar Metallicity by David Temple (report from January 2011 AAS meeting)

Active Astronomy by M J Tykoski

Poetry in Astronomy (sample poem: The Star) by Mary Kay Hemenway

19 February 2011

RR Lyrae Stars (ppt) by Bi-Qing For

Update on Kepler and SOFIA by Mary Kay Hemenway

Experiments with Spectrometers (docx) by Lou Anthony and Karen Green

Some Peculiar Features in Saturn's Rings (ppt) by Quentin Donnellan (based on a talk given at the AAS January 2011 meeting by Carolyn Porco)

Measurements with a Cross-staff presented by Sam Harrold

22 January 2011

First Light for EXES by John Lacy

AAS Report on SOFIA observations with FORCAST by Mary Kay Hemenway

"The Quadrant" (see link under TEKS (4) for downloads) presented by Sam Herrold

AAS Report: Exoplanets by Natasha Cox and David Temple

"The Sun's Daily motion: The Gnomon" from Modern Astronomy: An Activities Approach presented by Mary Kay Hemenway

11 December 2010

Review of Hubble Servicing Missions by Sherre Boothman

History of Photography and CCDs in Astronomy by Mary Kay Hemenway

Tour of the "Discovering the Language of Photography: The Gernsheim Collection"
at the Harry Ransom Center led by Mary Kay Hemenway

The Einstein Challenge by Jody Harkrider

How do you Know: Classroom activities presented by Bill and Janie Head

20 November 2010

Chemistry of Globular Cluster Stars: A Glimpse into Galactic Astronomy by Chris Sneden

Focusing a Telescope - an activity presented by Samuel Harrold

A series of classroom activities and resources led by Mary Kay Hemenway:

2 October 2010

Update on SOFIA by Mary Kay Hemenway

ROTSE by Chris Sneden

Astronomy in Turkey by Melike Afsar

Hubble's Law - an activity presented by Mary Kay Hemenway

Model Atmospheres in our Solar System - an activity by Natascha Cox

Last revised 25 April 2011