Topics from meetings during the 2006-2007 School Year

5 May 2007

SOFIA update (including a first flight) by John Lacy

EXES/TEXES update by John Lacy

Ask Dr. Math by Doug Mar

Diffraction, a classroom exercise, presented by Mary Kay Hemenway

31 March 2007

SOFIA update by John Lacy

Stars Behaving Peculiarly by Chris Sneden

Physics Education Technology by John Lacy

Argos activity on wave motion with audicity by Kyle Fricke

Telescope optics by Mary Kay Hemenway

9 December 2006

SOFIA/EXES update by John Lacy

TEXES on Gemini: Strength with Strength by Marty Bitner

Saturn Evolution and Composition Explorer (SEANCE) - Shallow Probes and Flyby Mission by Shay Strong

Multi-wavelength Astronomy by Randi Worhatch

Last revised 7 May 2007