Topics from meetings during the 2003-2004 School Year

May 15, 2004

Field trip to Waco to view the Aircraft modifications

February 28, 2004

Update on Jupiter/Saturn Research by Tommy Greathouse

Update on SOFIA by John Lacy

Demonstrations with a Raytheon Control IR 2000B infrared camera by P J Smith and Dan Jaffe

UTopia Activities from McDonald Observatory by Brad Armosky

Video-conference with Capt. Charles George, United Airlines, retd.
arranged by Doug Mar

A New Method of Searching for Planets by Nairn Baliber

January 24, 2004

Update on SOFIA and NASA policy by John Lacy

Spectroscopy from the HST by Chris Sneden
Hubble powerpoint

Observing at the NASA IRTF by Tommy Greathouse and Shay Holmes

Using WAAD classroom activities by M. K. Hemenway and M. J. Tykoski

December 6, 2003

Introduction to AST 392J: Astronomical Instrumentation by Dan Jaffe

Update on SOFIA by Jackie Davidson of NASA Ames Research Center

Demonstrations and Review of spectrometers built by the Astronomical Instrumentation class

Collimation of Dobsonian Telescopes

October 25, 2003

Building Dobsonian Telescopes

Instructions for building the telescopes

The 150 mm f/6.7 or f/8 mirrors and the 1.18 inch secondary mirrors came from Orion.
The eyepieces were purchased from Surplus Shed.
The Telrads were purchased from McDonald Observatory Visitor Center.

See images of the building project here.

September 20, 2003

Review of EXES/SOFIA by John Lacy

Stellar Spectra by Chris Sneden

Gratings by Doug Mar

Dust an activity for the classroom, presented by Mary Kay Hemenway
The activity has a short powerpoint presentation for its engagement activity.


Last revised 4 August 2004