Topics from meetings during the 2002-2003 School Year

April 12, 2003

Detecting Molecules in Disks by John Lacy

Telescope Technology, activities on mechanics and structure
presented by Mary Kay Hemenway

Airworthiness by Doug Mar

March 22, 2003

Update on SOFIA

Grisms by Dan Jaffe

SIRTF's Legacy Program by Chad Young

The Galileo Scandal by Mary Kay Hemenway

Galileo and Jupiter's Moons - a Starry Night exercise using Galileo's observations

February 15, 2003

Update on SOFIA

The Sun, Solar Neutrinos, and Quantum Field Theory by John Lacy

Magnetotellurics by Marianne Mulrey

Discussion of Teacher Preparation in Astronomy
Discussion of Materials for Teaching Astronomy
Discussion of "Truth" in Science

November 16, 2002

Update on SOFIA

Kepler's laws by Dan Jaffe

Video The Milky Way's Invisible Light
See also this website for information on other products from Goddard Space Flight Center.

Observing Proposals for the IRTF telescope by Alan Tokunaga

Center of the Milky Way by John Lacy

Oil and Water demos in viscosity, solubility, surface tension by David Temple

October 12, 2002


Chaos by Doug Mar


September 14, 2002

Telecom to observing team at NASA's IRTF telescope


Dan Jaffe's Research - a year in Germany

Making an observing list - practice with Starry Night and atlases, presented by Brad Armosky

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