Topics from meetings during the 2001-2002 SchoolYear

April 6, 2002

Infrared Studies of Massive Star Formationby Claudia Knez

with her powerpoint presentation

Active Astronomy Classroom Activities for Learning about Infrared Light


February 16, 2002

Infrared,More than Your Eyes can See, a SIRTFvideo


Hobby-EberlyTelescope, an update on this optical telescope by John Booth

including an HET Powerpointprepared by Marsha Wolf

Modeling Jupiter by Tommy Greathouse

Chandra,classroom activities for X-ray Astronomy


January 19, 2002

TexasSpace Grant Protein Growth Program for Teachers and Students- a report by Berton Stengel

Jupiter by Tommy Greathouse

Using Zemaxfor Optical Design - a hands-on activity

Discoveryof Extrasolar Planets, a laboratory exercise by Guy Worthey


December 1, 2001

Opportunities for Teacher-Scientistgrants

TEXES November 2001 Observing Run at the IRTF

Tour of the Echelon Grating Lab

Sunspots and Solar Rotation - integrating computerdata into classroom observations


October 6, 2001

EXES: A Teacher's Perspective a powerpointpresentation by David Temple

Timeline for EXES Progress - plans for the future

Classroom Optics - activities by MJ Tykoski, M K Hemenway, and Dan Jaffe


September 22, 2001

Update on TEXES and EXES progress

Structural integrity of EXES at 9 g/

Reducing Data from Teacher Associate ObservingRun at McDonald Observatory 16-19 July 2001

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