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Research Associate - HET Data Scientist

The Hobby-Eberly Telescope (HET) Board wants data acquired by facility instruments accessible for science analysis with minimum impediments. The successful candidate will be resident at The University of Texas at Austin. The job includes travel to McDonald Observatory, West Texas (16 miles from Fort Davis, TX; 440 miles from Austin's main campus), and HET partner institutions. Selected candidates for interview will be asked to provide three letters of recommendations.


Develops and implements plan to produce Level 1 pipeline software for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope (HET) instruments including the Visible Integral-field Replicable Unit Spectrograph (VIRUS), Low-Resolution Spectrograph 2 (LRS2), High-Resolution Spectrograph (HRS) and Habitable-zone Planet Finder Spectrograph (HPF).

Essential Functions

Works with HET instrument principal investigators (PIs), their commissioning teams and resident astronomers to produce Level 1 data pipeline reduction software for all telescope instruments following high-level guidance from the HET Board. Develops code and documents, maintains, and enhances software and provides support for questions from the user community. Serves as an ex-officio member of the HET User Committee and solicits input from the user communities. Communicates the results and functionality of the resulting software through 1) Wikis, 2) regular periodic telecons, and 3) extended visits to partner institutions with appropriate discussion, and tutorials and demonstrations of software. Participates in the biweekly HET Operations telecon and gives regular reports at the HET board meetings. Conducts personal research using the HET.

Required qualifications

Ph.D. in Astrophysics. Three years postdoctoral experience in astronomical spectroscopy and related software techniques. Ability to work collaboratively in a team oriented environment. Strong demonstrated commitment to developing and maintaining collaborative relationships within the organization and the HET Board. Excellent written and verbal communication. Demonstrated ability to manage multiple assignments and projects. Equivalent combination of relevant education and experience may be substituted as appropriate.

Preferred Qualifications

Experience in independent and collaborative astronomical research and data pipeline software. Experience with or knowledge of the Hobby-Eberly Telescope.

Required Application Materials

  • A Resume is required in order to apply
  • A Letter of Interest is required in order to apply
  • A List of 3 References is required in order to apply.

Applications must be submitted to the University of Texas HR job site at https://utdirect.utexas.edu/apps/hr/jobs/nlogon/170614010708

The job posting will remain open until filled, but application review will start on September 15, 2017.


Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate II (Exempt)

For a complete job description, salary, benefits and application instructions visit University of Texas at Austin Human Resources.
Observatory $3,333 + Full time
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11 October 2016
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