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Second Annual Texas Undergraduate Research Symposium

renata violante


September 2012

UT Astronomy made a strong showing at the 2nd annual Texas Astronomy Undergraduate Research Symposium, hosted by Texas A&M University. Students enjoyed the opportunity to discuss research among peers in the astronomical field.

Of the sixteen undergraduates presenting, seven were from UT Austin. Students from Rice, Baylor, and Texas A&M also shared research. Dr. Julie M. Comerford, who hosted the inaugural Texas Undergraduate Research Symposium in Austin last year, was also in attendance. Next year, the symposium will be hosted by Baylor University.

This year's speakers from Austin:

Pablo Alvarez Kepler Astroseismology: P & G Modes
James Diekmann III The Morphology of Double-peaked Active Galactic Nuclei
Jose Govea Chemical Abundances of RRc Lyrae stars
Justin Hickey Right Time, Right Place, Big Science: Time Series Photometry of Accreting FU Orionis-type Protostars
Alexander Robles Studying Modes of Pulsation in Delta Scuti Variable Stars
Arina Rostopchina Analysis of pulsations of Delta Scuti stars measured by the Kepler spacecraft
Renata Violante Improved Yttrium and Zirconium Abundances in Metal-Poor Stars
james diekmann, iii

James Diekmann, III

James Diekmann, III Wins Oracle Award for Excellence in Astronomy

April 2012

James Diekmann, III won the Oracle Award for Excellence in Astronomy Research for his poster at the Undergraduate Research Forum in April. James is a 2nd year astronomy major and has been conducting research with Julie Comerford on morphology of dual active galactic nuclei.

Caroline Caldwell Wins the Ralph Cutler Greene Award

caroline caldwell

Caroline Caldwell

13 June 2012

Caroline Caldwell has been selected as this year's recipient of the Ralph Cutler Greene Award. This $2500 scholarship is awarded annually to one of our most outstanding senior Astronomy students at the University of Texas. Service to the department, University, and community at large were considered in addition to quality research and academic performance. Caroline is a member of the Astronomy Students Association and served on the Undergraduate Faculty Search Committee. After graduation, Caroline will attend graduate school in astronomy at Liverpool John Moores University. more..

undergraduate recruiting

Undergraduate Recruiting

Astronomy Students Association (ASA ) Volunteers Donate Effort for Undergraduate Recruiting

April 2012

ASA members donated an evening in April to contacting every single potential undergradute student who had been accepted to UT and had listed Astronomy as a first or second choice of major. Each of the recruits received a personalized letter and a phone call from one of our current students encouraging them to join our program and offering assistance with any questions they might have about UT Astronomy.

The effort was fueled by pizza provided by the BoV, for which the participants were very grateful.

Renata Violante Wins the Karl G. Henize Endowed Scholarship

renata violante

Renata Violante

13 June 2012

Astronomy senior Renata Violante is this year's winner of the Karl G. Henize Endowed Scholarship. The Karl G. Henize Endowed Scholarship is awarded annually to a junior or senior student who intends to pursue a graduate degree in Astronomy. Renata intends to pursue a graduate degree in Astronomy after she finishes her B.S. in Astronomy and Physics here at UT Austin in December. Renata is also this year's recepient of the 2012 Board of Visitor Undergraduate Scholarship, which is awarded annually to a junior or senior astronomy student for excellent overall performance. more..

Alyx Stevens Wins Astronomy Outstanding Senior Award

alyx stevens

Alyx Stevens

13 June 2012

Alyx Stevens has been selected as this year's recipient of the Astronomy Outstanding Senior Award. This award is given annually to a graduating senior for outstanding overall performance (grades, research, service). Per Dr. Shields, "What really distinguishes Alyx is her strong contribution both in research and in service. Alyx began research on quasars with my group in January of her first year. She is co-author of a submitted ApJ paper on binary quasars (http://arxiv.org/abs/1108.0383) that recently received a favorable referee report and should be accepted in a few weeks. more..

Arina Rostopchina wins the Eva Stevenson Woods Endowed Presidential Scholarship

arina rostopchina

Arina Rostopchina

13 June 2012

Arina Rostopchina has won a 2012/2013 Eva Stevenson Woods Endowed Presidential Scholarship through the Unrestricted Endowed Presidential Scholarship competition. The UEPS program is considered one of the most notable scholarship offers for UT students. The selection committee carefully considers academic achievement, and it is expected that nominated students demonstrate continuous participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities and evidence in leadership. In addition, Arina was selected by the Astronomy faculty for The 2012 Board of Visitor Undergraduate Scholarship this May. more..

Miller Wins $20K Grand Prize for Undergraduate Research from University Co-Op

george miller

George Miller

13 June 2012

The George H. Mitchell Awards for Academic Excellence are awarded each year to students who have made an uncommon contribution to their fields of study by way of research project, literary work, musical composition, humanitarian project or similar undertaking. Awards range from $2,000 to a top prize of $20,000. Students with exemplary academic records are nominated by UT faculty members and winners are chosen by a selection committee. more..

27 September 2012
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