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Fall 2016

Undergraduate Research Advisor Topic
Emily Strickland Boylan-Kolchin Dark Matter
Luke Stevens Bromm Magnetic fields in population 3 stars
Arjun VeeJay Cochran, W Exoplanet Atmospheres
Alexander Neff Cochran, W/Endl Detection of low-mass planets in time series RV data
Harris Ntemer Endl Transmission Spectroscopy of Exoplanets with LRS2
Sophia Bogat Finkelstein, S HETDEX
Dustin Davis Finkelstein, S HETDEX
Yaswant Devarakonda Finkelstein, S HETDEX
Benjamin Gilliam Finkelstein, S HETDEX
Kaartikey Gupta Finkelstein, S HETDEX
SofĂ­a Rojas Finkelstein, S Looking for Bright Galaxies at z~8-10 with the Hubble Space Telescope
Saki Kamon Kraus Wide-Orbit Planetary Mass Companions
Oscar Kaufman Lacy Kinematics of the molecular and ionized gas in the Galactic center
Robbie Steenberg Lacy Modeling the transmission of the Earth's atmosphere
Nathan Morris Mann Identifying young stars from K2 light curves
Brandon Carr McQuinn Comparison of observed and modeled stellar mass measurements
Hannah Hasson McQuinn Properties of low-mass, metal-poor galaxies
Anna McGilvray McQuinn Statistics on starburst dwarf galaxies
Melissa Morris McQuinn Chemical content of dwarf galaxies
Xinsheng Chen Montgomery Electron screening in the center of star and its influence on fusion rate
Alexander Lazar Montgomery Weighing the Milky Way in Simulations and Real-Life
Emily Strickland Montgomery Simulating Dwarf Galaxies with Self-Interacting Dark Matter
Taha Dawoodbhoy Shapiro The Suppression of Star Formation During Patchy Reionization and Its Correlation with Reionization Time of the Local Patch
Richard Seifert Sneden Chemical Compositions of Anomalous Stars in an Open Star Cluster
Manuel Diaz Wheeler Evolution and Oscillation of Betelgeuse
James Sullivan Wheeler Post Merger Evolution of Betelgeuse
FRI Streams
Xinsheng Chen Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Anne Dattilo Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Alexander Gorden Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Emily Grief Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Jacob Moenickheim Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Aimee Schechter Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Zili Shen Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Luke Stevens Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Chase an de Geijn Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Deepesh Verma Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Justin Yudichak Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars

19 October 2016
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