UT Research Courses

Here you'll find the best classes to take if you want to do research in astronomy, as well as a description of how your research can may enable you to graduate with honors in astronomy.

Recommended Coursework

AST 376: Practical Intro to Research

This course is a must for all those considering getting involved in undergraduate research and all those already working on research. This course emphasizes must-have skills for research, including analysis of imaging data, visualization, programming exercises with idl, statistical analyses, and training for papers and oral presentations.

AST 351: Astronomical Instrumentation

Learn how astronomical instruments are designed and constructed in this course, which is particularly useful for students who want to do research in observational astronomy or instrumentation.

Astronomy Undergraduate Honors Program

Website for the astronomy undergraduate honors program

Students who do research may be eligible to graduate with honors in astronomy if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Astronomy 379H, Honors Tutorial Course, in which the student completes a supervised research project; the student may take a second semester of Astronomy 379H if necessary to complete the project; two semesters in this course may be counted toward the major requirement
  2. A written report and oral presentation on the research project, approved by the research supervisor and the honors adviser
  3. A University grade point average of at least 3.00 and a combined University grade point average in physics and astronomy of at least 3.50
  4. Completion at the University of at least sixty semester hours of coursework counted toward the degree

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