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AST 386S


Astronomy 386S - Spring 2008
Th 3:30 · RLM 15.216B (unless noted) · Unique No. 49590

arp 87


Derek Wills

Office: RLM 13.136
Hours: TBD
Phone: (512) 471-1392





Jan 17
Derek Wills
Organizational Meeting.  
Jan 24
Martin Gaskell
Accretion Disks and the Nature and Origin of AGN Continuum Variability
Jan 31
Irina Mocioiu
Pennsylvania State
Special Physics Presentation (in RLM 7.104 at 2:00 pm) Particle Physics and Astrophysics Lessons from Neutrinos Telescopes (Exgal Seminar members are to attend this presentation)  
Feb 07
Amy Forestell
Journal Club: The SAURON project - IV. The mass-to-light ratio, the virial mass estimator and the Fundamental Plane of the elliptical and lenticular galaxies (2006 MNRAS, 366, 1126)  
Feb 14
Kurtis Williams
An Update on the Environments of Gravitational Lenses 
Feb 21
Seth Redfield
Special Seminar: The Age of Exometeorology: Observing the Atmospheres of Transiting Exoplanets
Feb 28
Sarah Robinson
UCO/Lick Observatory
Special Seminar: Chemistry of Giant Planet Formation: Future Directions in Theory and Observations  
Mar 06
John Kormendy
Secular Evolution in Disk Galaxies  
Mar 13

Spring Break: March 10 - 14
Mar 20
Irina Marinova
Journal Club: Properties of Bars and Bulges in the Hubble Sequence, by Laurikainen et al. (2007)
Mar 20
Josh Adams
The Lyman Alpha Halos of High Redshift Radio Galaxies: Resonant Scattering or Outflow? 
Mar 27
Guillermo Blanc
The Multiwavelength Survey by Yale-Chile (MUSYC): Wide K-band Imaging, Photometric Catalogs, Clustering and Physical Properties of Galaxies at z~2, arXiv:0803.0763, 
Apr 03
Tim Weinzirl
Gravitational Quenching in Massive Galaxies and Clusters by Clumpy Accretion 
Apr 03
Amanda Bauer
Journal Club: The properties and evolution of a K-band selected sample of massive galaxies at z=0.4-2 in the Palomar/DEEP2 survey, arXiv:0708.1040, by C. Conselice, K. Bundy, I. Trujillo et al. 
Apr 10
Phil Hopkins
Ctr. for Astrophysics
Quasars and Galaxy Mergers: Fueling, Feedback, and Evolution
Apr 17
John Kormendy
Pseudobulges in Dark Galaxies
Apr 24
Jeremy Murphy
Second-Year Defense: Searching for the Dark with Small Amounts of Light: Integral Field Spectroscopy of Brightest Cluster Galaxies with VIRUS-P
May 01
Randi Worhatch
2nd-Year Defense: Spectral Principal Component Analysis of SDSS AGN  
May 08
Amanda Heiderman
2nd-Year Defense: Properties of Interacting Galaxies and Influence of Environment in the A901/02 Supercluster
May 12
Sarah Salviander
PhD Defense: Demographics and Evolution of Supermassive Black Holes in Quasars and Galaxies  
May 15
Amanda Bauer
PhD Defense: Galaxies Growing Up Over the Last Ten Billion Years  


28 May 2008
Astronomy Program · The University of Texas at Austin · Austin, Texas 78712
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