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Fall 2003  Unique No. 46585, MWF 2:00-3:00, WEL 3.502

  Extrasolar Planets
    Word Document With Several Extrasolar Planet Links   309LExoplanetWebLinks.doc  
    The following are the links contained in the above Word document, which discuss extrasolar planet searches or contain more links on the same subject.  
    Excellent summary of different search methods; part of Kepler transit mission web site.  
    UC Berkeley set of links to many sites containing information on exoplanet searches and astrobiology/SETI in general.  
    The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia. Comprehensive and up to date.  
    From above Encyclopedia, many links to ongoing or upcoming search projects.  
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA exoplanet site, specializing in Keck, SIM, and TPF interferometer missions.  
    Searching for terrestrial-like worlds with Kepler, TPF, and DARWIN missions.  
    Description of Kepler Mission for detecting Earth-mass planets from space.  
    Tutorial and links.  
    STARE transit search program (1 detection so far). Contains brief tutorial on other methods and links.  
    Darwin space interferometer page, with connections to virtually all planet search programs.  
    Two links: chemical analysis of an exoplanet atmosphere using the transit technique.
    Adaptive optics direct imaging of exo-Jupiter from the ground.  
    GAIA future space astrometry mission.  
    NASA summary of search for atmospheric signs of life.  
    Use the following URLs to link to web sites and downloadable articles on Astrobiology.  
    NASA National Astrobiology Institute web site with links:  
    Astrobiology Magazine on the web (daily stories, searches,links): to almost all topics we will cover, search engine, and more:  
    Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Astronomy, and Spaceflight: