Semester Checklist

  Committee Meetings
Follow the requirements for committee meetings outlined in section I of the AtoZ. All students in years 2 onwards are required to schedule a mandatory commiteee meeting in the *Fall* semester. The second committee meeting in the Spring is scheduled only if it is requested by the student or by one or more members of the Research/Dissertation Committee.
  Registration and Tuition - Every semester
Log in and waive the in-state tuition if you have a TA or GRA appointment
--> Tuition Bill Waivers
Log in and waive the International Health Insurance (if applicable)
--> Request for Waiver of Student Health Insurance by Reason of UT Academic Employment
When your tuition has been paid, log in and "confirm registration" --> My Tuition Home
Check your classes online to make sure you are registered correctly --> UT Direct - My Classes

25 July 2016
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