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Welcome to the web page of IAU Division C

Division C is part of the new structure of the International Astronomical Union, launched in August 2012 at the Beijing XXVIII GA. It is a subsection of the previous Division XII, Union Wide Activities.

Members of Division C are involved in all aspects of Education, Outreach, and Heritage. Individuals from other divisions whose work straddles the boundaries between their scientific interest and Division C may propose Working Groups within Division C. Education ranges from primary to tertiary level including both formal and informal education, and is informed by astronomy education research. Outreach communicates to the public through a wide range of media. Heritage includes the legacy of astronomical artifacts and structures as well as the astronomical attributes of mankind's cultural history. The activities of Division C are coordinated with those of the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) and Office of Astronomy Outreach (OAO).

Division C hosts three Commissions. These links are to their Commission managed webpages:

Also of interest is the following Link:

Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy: http://www.astronomicalheritage.net/

The full list of members and associated working/program groups can be found on these IAU maintained webpages: or also in the individual IAU membership directory.

With the reform of Commissions completed in April 2015, a new commission structure will be implemented at the end of the General Assembly in Hawaii in August 2015. Enrollment in Commissions concluded on 15 May 2015. Enrollment will be possible following the General Assembly. Enrolling in a Division C commission provides automatic enrollment in Division C. The links in the following list of new commissions refers to the IAU maintained webpage which also includes a list of the commission membership.
  • C.C1 Astronomy Education and Development
  • C.C2 Communicating Astronomy with the Public
  • C.C3 History of Astronomy
  • C.C4 World Heritage and Astronomy
  • C.B7 Protection of Existing and Potential Observatory Sites (Division B is the Primary Division)

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